For professionals

Do you have a construction project?

For professionals


Would you like to start a new project? An urban terraced housing development? A vacation resort or campground? Offices? Are you looking for a construction concept that is efficient, fast and profitable? At Inkub, we have the solution: modular construction. Working together, we can make your development a reality, whether it be residential, a vacation building, or a building with machinery or equipment.

And we offer all of the advantages of modular architecture: more modernity, more accessibility, more innovation, more sustainability, etc. Have any questions? Contact us and we'll explain our exclusive collaboration formulas for developers.


Are you an architect who wants to advance your career in the exciting world of architecture? With Inkub you can bring your ideas and professional projects to life. We would love to work together with you to give form to your creativity, you provide the ideas and Inkub will give you the support and resources you need. Make your architectural projects a reality with Inkub!

Contact us and we will explain our different collaborative formulas for architects. Inkub already works with several professionals in the industry.