Inkub today

Lleida, October 2013

Inkub presents Giocobo, ultra-personalisable modular bungalows with cutting-edge

Inkub, a studio specialising in modular architecture, presented its new range of modular Giocobo bungalows at Innocamping (a show for professional services and equipment for businesses in the outdoor recreation sector). Giocobo’s modular concept focuses on key elements to make the bungalows as unique as possible: avante-garde design and endless possibilities for customisation.

Inkub offers bungalows with a very modern aesthetic, made with the latest materials so that clients and potential clients – for example in the tourism sector – can customise their bungalows to the utmost. Using a formula similar to that found in the automotive sector, Giocobo’s infinitely customisable models should be the key to their success.

In order to make this a reality Inkub is squeezing every last advantage and opportunity available today in modular architecture and industrial production processes into each piece of the Giocobo range. Another critical factor that helps to make the modules extremely customisable is their construction; they are made in an enclosed environment, protected from the elements, which allows for precision manufacturing while reducing waste generation. Project execution has also been streamlined for maximum efficiency, and the modules are very competitive in price-quality.

Inkub Giocobo aims to lead the way to a new generation of new never-before-seen bungalows. The Giocobo range was originally comprised GO1 (from 25 m2 to 49 m2) and GO2 (from 36x2 to 49x2 m2 m2) customizable models, and now includes a line of premium finishes called GOX, which uses only top-of-the-line materials and equipment in the manufacturing process (fine woods, the latest technologies, etc.). Also, before Giocobo bungalows are installed, a study of the natural environment is conducted to ensure optimal integration with the environment.

Behind Giocobo the project, which has been in the making for more than 18 months, is a diverse team of experienced professionals made up of architects, engineers, technicians, and interior and exterior designers. Roger Giné Ibos heads up the Inkub project, leading a team of over 10 professionals. Giné, who presented the Giocobo project at Innocamping 2013, took advantage of the opportunity to also present the Giocobo module product catalogue.