Step-by-step construction

A precision construction process

Step-by-step construction

Would you like to learn more about the modular building construction process? At Inkub, we've standardised the process. It's simple and efficient:


Client makes request, project defined.

When the client contacts Inkub, our architects, designers and interior specialists help the client to define the project.

Geotechnical study conducted.

During the project definition phase Inkub technicians prepare the site where the building is to be placed, and conduct a geotechnical study to ensure that there are no structural concerns related to the site where the structure is to be placed.

The draft of the project is created.

Once the structure definition and geotechnical study are completed, Inkub delivers the project to the client for presentation to local authorities to obtain the necessary building permits.



Start The manufacturing process begins.

When all the permits have been obtained, our technicians begin fabrication of the module in the factory. The flooring, facade, roof, interior layout, windows, doors, etc. are. Furnishings are also included for the kitchen and bathroom, for example.

Any customisation is applied.

During the construction process specific custom details for the space are added such as wall paint, custom finishes, decoration, etc.

The foundation laid.

Based on the results of the geotechnical study, Inkub's technical team will provide the most suitable solution for the building's foundation and for the modular construction system.



Once the modules are completely finished and the land prepared, the modules are transported to the site and building is placed on the specified location.

Interior connections are made and finishes applied.

At this point the building is in place, but there are still some final technical touches to add. For example, installing and connecting water, electricity, ventilation and drainage, etc.

The interior is furnished and decorated.

If the customer wishes, our interior designer can also decorate and furnish the module so your project will be completely finished and move-in ready.





Finally, in less time than you might imagine, your project will be completed and ready to use.