Our team

The power of the imagination

Inkub is pure creative imagination, maximum architectural conceptualisation and an abundance of functional ingenuity, a philosophy which enables us to create structures and spaces which are integrated with their environments while at the same time adapted to suit the lifestyles of each individual. At Inkub, we don't believe in conventional industrial design; at Inkub we tear everything down and start anew, with no limit to the imagination.

A more revolutionary style, and above all, a more innovative style of architectural design is possible. Our team of seasoned professional architects, engineers, technicians, and interior and exterior designers all understand the fundamental importance of this idea. And, of course, we pay special attention to technical details, which are key to ensuring our clients' peace of mind, and to providing a unique guarantee of safe, reliable and durable structures.


Roger Giné // Project director.

Jaume Jumbert / Cristian Marín // Creative design, product conceptualisation and industrial design.

Xavier Cervós / Rosa Samitier / Marc Garsaball / Nuria Samitier // Architecture, industrial engineering and technical product development.

Vanessa Giné // Interior and spatial design.