Our vision

Creative architecture for cutting-edge clients!

Our vision

Inkub's vision: another type of construction is possible

In the complex world of construction, the moment to simplify things has arrived, to break the mould, to forget what has been made so far, and to start over, to start a revolution.

A new type of architecture is possible, one that is simpler, faster, more competitive and innovative, more accessible and cutting-edge, more efficient and sustainable, and above all, able to connect and relate people with the living, working, or tourist spaces which surround them.

And we are able to do all of this while applying strict construction technique standards which exceed quality standards. This added value is the result of advances in industrialised modular construction, as opposed to standard on-site methods. At Inkub this is how we understand construction in the 21st century. And we have made this concept a reality using our modular structures. 

The foundations of Inkub's modular structures

  • Multiple customisation options and continuous consulting
  • Fully-guaranteed industrialised construction
  • High-quality cutting-edge design finishes
  • Fast project execution for maximum competitiveness
  • Affordable, competitive prices
  • Increased environmental sustainability
  • Maximum energy efficiency to reduce consumption
  • Experienced multidisciplinary consulting team
  • All projects are turn-key