Homz Concept

The architecture of integration

Homz Concept

A natural environment, or an urban one. For your lifestyle, or for your current or future needs, Inkub and Homz, share a common denominator: integration. A concept on which every Inkub project is founded which aims to get the most from modular architecture and to take and accurately define it.

The architecture of integration, simply. A nexus conceived to bring together concepts that should never be separated: space, time, lifestyle, family, functionality, versatility, flexibility, etc. A formula which addresses concepts of a purely emotional nature: happiness, peace of mind, security, safety, comfort, and more.

Homz by Inkub are modular homes which aim to integrate personal and modern designs...

  • In the natural-urban environment where they are located: harmonising. groundbreaking architectural design with the settings in which they are placed.
  • With people's different lifestyles: providing useful and very versatile spaces for family and/or professional activities.
  • For the functionalities of each space: fusing the most attractive forms with practical utility (form and function).