The Homz style

Homz modular homes

Inkub is developing several construction projects under the Homz prefabricated modular home brand with the aim of making simple units and spaces into true homes which are integrated with their environment. Each home must live and breathe its own particular personality based on the needs and lifestyles of the people or family who will live in it.

Homes made to order with maximum customisation

In order to achieve this, at Inkub we do 100% custom projects, consulting with our expert multidisciplinary team who also oversee all projects, as well as projects based on predefined modular homes. For projects using predefined modules, users can customise their home to the finest detail, choosing between predetermined Inkub options or from other finish options.

It's up to you

A single-floor modular home? 2 floors? Or maybe 3?
2, 3, 5 bedrooms? 1 bathroom? 2?
With a terrace, or without? A 2-car garage, or maybe a garage for you camper?
Well-lit and spacious, with open spaces and picture windows? Or perhaps more protected, cosy and warm?

A lot of questions come to mind when deciding on a new home. This is a definitely a major investment and requires the utmost involvement of both the future owner as well as the people in the departments who will execute the project.

This is why at Inkub we want to make sure that in this process, which is so important to our lives, you are in good hands from start to finish, and that you always have personal contact with the team developing the project.