International projects

Beyond our borders

International projects

At Inkub we work far beyond our natural borders. We export our products to major countries in Europe as well as to emerging markets in Africa and the Middle East. Our unique and advanced construction system allows our factory-finished products to be exported using different means of special transport.

Thanks to this capability we have been able to carry out medium- and large-scale construction projects in countries such as France, the UK, Germany, Italy, Guinea, Angola, Mali, Senegal, Iraq and Tanzania. The only differences between a project in Spain and one abroad are the distance and the language; the production process remains virtually unchanged. Changes are only required to comply with the specific building laws and regulations for each destination country.


Step-by-step projects

Urban planning and construction project Design of the different buildings which comprise the project Rendering of the project
Preparation of ground for development/zoning requirements Manufacture of modules required for the structure Packaging of walls for transport to destination
Unloading of pieces for construction Start of on-site construction Execution of project in phases