Comprehensive export service

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Comprehensive export service

At Inkub we handle all of the execution stages of medium- and large scale international projects, everything from drafting the project, to the actual construction, to the handover of the keys for projects involving hundreds of modular homes.

We make public housing in developing and emerging countries as well as upscale homes in natural paradises around the world.

Inkub's comprehensive export service covers all the needs of an international construction project everything from resolution of legal and regulatory issues, to handling customs and border-crossing matters, to the transport of goods by different routes, to construction of modules in the destination country, etc.

International projects can be turnkey or, depending on the size of the project and local arrangements, may be partially completed order to reduce costs.

For example, we can initiate construction of a townhouse project and make 10 units as examples while training local partners to take charge of building the remaining units using their own resources, with supervision from our technical team.


A construction system designed for export

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