Additional services

Ideas and creativity to transform spaces

Additional services

At Inkub we understand that spaces are more than just buildings, which is why we have created a range of complementary services for the construction and design of each unit. This serves a single purpose, to make your house, office, bungalow, etc. into a true home, comfortable, extremely functional, and with impeccable aesthetics. We strive to connect people to all of the spaces which surround them, both interior and exterior.

Architectural design and conceptualisation of spaces, environments and units

Inkub conceives and designs living spaces, working spaces and spaces for tourists to meet the different needs and demands of every user. Making the most of the infinite construction possibilities offered by modular architecture and a fully industrialised construction process, Inkub develops and executes its own projects as well as ultra-customised projects to match the desires of each and every client.

Sustainable and automated engineering for easier living

All of Inkub's structures are designed from a point of view that takes into account all relevant technical considerations associated with the world of construction. Thanks to our engineering expertise, our designs for every modular space meet and exceed Spanish Technical Building Code requirements (Código Técnico de la Edificación - CTE), as well as all other current norms, achieving record levels in the sector.

In addition, Inkub provides services related to home automation. Our goal in home automation is to help people in their day-to-day lives, to manage energy and reduce consumption, and to provide technology for peace of mind and comfort, safety, security, accessibility, communications, etc. With Inkub, the technological integration of people with spaces is absolutely possible.

Interior design and decoration

In addition to the interior designs developed by Inkub's team of architects, we also provide interior design and decoration for different spaces. With our sleek, simple and pure aesthetic, Inkub designs attractive, welcoming and friendly environments. This allows you to divide and differentiate spaces, integrate common areas, to create new functionality, and to optimise space. All materials used for interiors finishes are top-quality and can be customised to fit the taste of the client.

Exterior design, landscaping and gardening

"Designing the exterior as another space," using this maxim as our point of departure Inkub conceives, designs and builds outdoor spaces which are a continuation of the interior. We approach exterior design, landscaping and gardening with a clear focus on making the most of exterior living to maximise personal satisfaction. We call this "outdoor wellness".